Fewer Clients. Focused Service. Faster Results.

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Selling Real Estate

On average home owners buy a new home in Bismarck every 5-7 years. This usually happens when new life changes take place. From getting married, to having a child, to retiring, finding a new real estate property goes hand in hand when you sell your original home. No matter the real estate conditions, selling your home in Bismarck takes passion, persistence and the business knowledge for a successful sale.

Kilee has a natural talent to assess a home to find its real estate strengths and weaknesses. Showing the home's strengths and improving upon the home's weaknesses creates a better selling opportunity for her clients. A simple suggestion of painting a wall can dramatically improve the selling process. Working with fewer clients, Kilee creates greater opportunities to find the best way to market and sell your home.

Remember Kilee’s real estate service philosophy: “Fewer clients. Focused service. Faster results.”


Kilee Harmon - REALTOR®

Working in the Bismarck-Mandan business community since 2002.

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Steps to Sell Your Home

Step 1:
Step one is to find a REALTOR® who you can assist you through the real estate selling process.
Step 2:
Make sure to complete a property condition’s statement and obtain all other necessary documentation such as abstract of title and title insurance, covenants, plat maps, condo documents, mortgage release, etc.
Step 3:
Understand that every market (even down to the specific streets) is unique and can call for a different fair market price. Once your REALTOR® has provided you with a Comparative Market Analysis, correctly price your home.
Step 4:
Make sure your home is ready to make a good first impression on potential buyers. That means keeping it clean and tidy with minimal knickknacks and personal elements out in plain view. When people tour your home, the less personal items you have out the better as it helps potential buyers envision themselves living there.
Step 5:
Receive an offer and go through the negotiation process to an end that will hopefully meet your goals.
Step 6:
Remember that selling your home can be a stressful time. However, also know it can be a rewarding process too as selling your home will help you move on to the next phase of your life.