How Appealing Is Your Home?
March 12, 2016

Find the Right Property for You

How to Find the Right Property for You

By: Kilee Harmon

March 28, 2016

You have come to that point in time. You are ready to buy a home. You are excited. At the same time it seems like finding the right property in North Dakota is a daunting task. The good news is it doesn’t have to be. Here are seven tips on how to find the home that will make you say, “perfect.”

  1. A REALTOR is key. First and foremost you need to find a REALTOR who you trust to guide you through the whole North Dakota real estate transaction process. Duty-bound to a code of ethics based on professionalism, your REALTOR will make sure to keep your interests at heart.
  2. Know Your Numbers. Visit with a bank you trust and any other financial advisors you might have to understand what your dollar limit is. Take into account the other financial dreams and goals you might have (i.e. traveling more, saving for college, starting a business, etc.). It’s all too easy to buy more than you can afford. Purchasing a property that leaves you “house poor” each month – where the mortgage and expenses are so much you don’t have enough left over for life’s other enjoyments – is not a path that will lead to happiness.
  3. Fit Your Lifestyle and Location Needs. Think about the lifestyle and location you want. Each buyer is different and has different goals. On the lifestyle side, a single family home is great for someone who really wants privacy and wants to take care of it all – yard, snow removal, etc. However, for those who don’t mind sharing a wall, and want a more turn-key life without all the maintenance, a condo or townhouse could be a better fit. When it comes to location, does the neighborhood suit you and does the location meet your needs as well? Those who have an up-and-coming family might want a school closeby. However, people who prefer less traffic and the quiet might enjoy something not so close to all the hustle and bustle that Bismarck-Mandan has.
  4. What Are Your Restrictions? Do you want you to have the ability to do whatever it is you prefer with your individual property? Do you want the opportunity to park a camper on a pad, set up a shed in the back yard, erect an above-ground fence, etc., and have your neighbor have the same rights as well? On the flipside, would you rather prefer a property that comes with restrictions and/or an HOA established to protect the neighborhood’s status quo?  
  5. New isn’t Necessarily Better. Being the first person to live in a newly constructed home is nice, but it might not necessarily be the right choice for you to meet your needs. Don’t be afraid to look at older or slightly older properties. The Bismarck-Mandan region has many unique homes that are perfect for those do-it-yourself types. A previous owner’s decorating tastes might not exactly be to your liking. However, the funds you can save on not having to completely landscape a yard or finish a basement can go toward those few remodeling projects.   
  6. Be Prophetic About the Future Sale. When you’re hunting for your next home think, “Can I/we live here for several years?” Frequently buying and moving can take a lot of time, effort and finances. Finding a property to meet your current, and some future needs, will help you avoid all the extra buying/selling costs.
  7. Don’t Buy the Crazy House Unless You Really Want to. When looking for a house to purchase, you are trying to find the one that will become your home. However, there will come a time to resell the property. You have to think about how hard might it be to sell when you no longer live there. If you find the odd duck property is the one you absolutely want to call home in North Dakota, understand it can be more difficult to sell in the future as there are fewer numbers of potential buyers who will see it with the same set of loving eyes.